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The Future Is Here! Asian Robot Looks Creepy/Too Real

Next thing you know, these Babe Robots will be in French Maid Costumes saying things like “Love You Long Time”, “Do You Want a Happy Ending?” “Let’s Boom Boom!” and other crazy stuff while they jerk you off. Then Skynet takes over and we’re doomed. But before any of that, Advancements! The freaky, perverted possibilities […]


Bikini Pageant From The Sweetest Angles

  I’m not sure what the photographer is trying to capture but we’re not complaining. It’s candid. And it’s got nice, cheeky “subjects”! More lessons in Pageant camera angles. NEXT! Thanks “Ping Guerrero“!


Iza Calzado And Cleavage Says “Happy, Happy Birthday”!

FAD top dog and blogger YoungWildandHorny … or maybe it’s Free. Anyway, the dude saw the following Boobie Full Iza Calzado Bday greeting video and suddenly, he had the urge for cake. I know, it’s the Thought that counts. But seriously, with melons like those, things like “Thoughts” take the back seat. Big Balloons always […]


Myrtle Sarrosa Is Your Cosplaying FHM Cover Babe

I say November’s Cover Girl has more Cuteness in her than Sexiness. Not that she isn’t sexy because as you can see, she’s pretty shapely for a Tiger. You see, despite the half-nakedness Myrtle’s still so cute all you want is to do cuddle. Maybe cuddle naked. But that’s just about it. But you can […]


The FHM Halloween Ball 2014!

  Headed by November Cover Girl Myrtle Sarrosa, the FHM Halloween Party 2014 was a night of Cosplay and Sexy Celebrities.   The Chicks that graced the events were, Lhea Bernardino, Maica Palo, LJ Reyes, Daiana Meneses, Nicole Alexandria, Aica Sy, Alyzza Agustin, Yassi Coo, Yassi Benitez, last year’s Cover Girl Danita Paner, Bianca Peralta […]