The New Premiere Vixens 2015

Meet the newest batch of Premiere Vixens: They are Kookai Sarmiento, Samantha Miguel, Choi Yuri, Marline Capones and Sachi Chinida. Also part of this Batch of Vixens is Charm Dela Cruz who unfortunately was out distributing high quality condoms when the group photo was taken. Hat tip to “Big Member” and “Ping Guerrero” More photos […]

Paulene So 045

Cowgirl Paulene So Wins The Gun Fight With Pokies

Firing off from this “DAVE” FAD FANTASY POLL (the kind that gets responses), “Bob“! sends in the Winning Cowgirl’s Set, all because we like Breasts, Pokies, and Winners who show a lot of both.   Thanks again “Bob“!   There she is, taking the “Draw” stance the best way possible. No Guns, just Panty Snapping. […]


FADdict Shares “My Girl’s Sexy Body”!

A FADdict we’ll call “RA@Yahoo” shared what happens to be his Girl’s Sexy Body in photos. Something for us to be “thankful for” because hey, it’s Thanksgiving! And though we don’t normally celebrate that weekend Holiday over here, we still say Thanks “RA@Yahoo”!“Sexy Body” shots. Enjoy dude’s Girlfriend! JUMP!  


Kendall Jenner Is The Most Popular Model of 2014 As Per Tumblr [FAD Reports]

According to TUMBLR’s Year-End-Report Kendall Jenner was the most popular, most re-blogged about, Model for 2014.   …. I know. The photo we’re posting here are more like a desperate attempt for a Kendall Upskirt. Which may or may not explain why she’s most popular. But it’s worth posting. All the same, read about TUMBLR’s […]

Georgina Wilson Nip Tape (1)

Georgina Wilson Instagrams Cleavage and (Nip) Tape

“Yey” for gorgeous Georgina! “Yey” for Social Media. “Yey” for the generous Georgina Cleavage!   “Ney” for the Nipple Tape, which could be nothing more than a Tape… somewhere near the Nipple area. If you haven’t heard yet, Georgina Wilson will be hosting Asia’s Next Top Model.  More reasons to “Yey”! Thanks and “Yey”! to […]