She Bangs!

Body-Beautiful Valerie “Bangs” Garcia joins the season’s Bikini Ready Babes we’re just not so sure if these were taken recently. All the same, she’s Banging! Incidentally the discussion on “Who Dunnit Better” between Angel and Bangs still haven’t come to a halt. That’s how relevant Big Boobs are. Join the discussion! HERE! One more Bikini-Season […]


JLo Unphotoshopped Swimsuit Hotness

Age is indeed just a number. Because Jennifer Lopez even at age 50, more or less, is still looking sexy, hot, in the following Unphotoshopped Set. Let’s see how long she can hold it off until all these is considered “Sick”. More at the JUMP! Hat tip to “Yes-Man”!

max 3

Max Collins Makes Out With Wall

Things get pretty steamy for March 2015 FHM Cover Babe Max Collins as she directs the Heat towards a wall. Okay that is unconventional. We’ve heard of chicks getting it on with Pillows, a Couch’s Arm, or the Washing Machine. But a Wall? I guess to each his/her own. It’s still sexy so we’ll take […]

Bianca 2

Bianca Manalo is Bikini Season Ready

And the Season Ready Bikini Babes are coming in one hot babe after another. All that’s necessary is to turn up the oven. and the hot chicks will come out half naked. Perhaps the not-so-hot-chicks will too but it’s okay. The Word is, even the gyms are packing with toned babes toning themselves even more. […]