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A Fitness Promoting Red Is NOT Hand-Job Friendly

So Red Dela Cruz may be sexy promoting fitness in the skimpiest gym outfit, but what’s with the gloves? They’re too big she can fit two tiny hands in there. Plus if she raises one gloved hand to her face and the other to cover her body, that could easily beat the best Mayweather defense […]


Arisa Is All Professional Looking, For Happy Hump Hour

  The special S-Cute Bonk Video tackles a few of the Japanese fad fetishes starting with a Professional Looking Chick, some Stockings Fantasy Fetish, and then of course the usual rapid finger bonking complete with the chick half satisfied, half crying. Makes you wonder why in most Japanese Porn the chicks are almost always in […]


Teacher Locks Students In, Strips In Front Of Them [FAD Reports]

We can’t over-emphasize the importance of Education. And sometimes, it gets better.   The NYDailynews report reads: Linda Lira, 31, trapped students in a room at Lemon Grove Academy, at about 4 p.m., and began acting bizarrely,” San Diego County Sheriff Lt. Chris May said in a statement. The scared students used Lira’s campus radio […]

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Max, Arny, And Sam Compare Amazing Legs! Who’d You Rather?

The Bubble Gang Girls Max Collins, Arny Ross and Sam Pinto show off their sexy legs in an effort to catch your attention.   Maybe not really for you particularly, but we can always consider it ‘about you‘, all the time! Since we’re making this About You, let us pretend that your opinion on who […]

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The Sarah Lahbati Covered UNO March 2015 BTS Photos

  Sarah Lahbati is the current month’s Cover Babe for UNO Magazine. In case you have not gone through the publication, you should.The publication is available Nationwide at your favorite Magazine Stands and Bookstores. Hat tip to “Buboy”! We’ll give you the BTS Photos and also an alternate shot. Find them at the JUMP! For […]