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Rogin E Girls

The Rogin-E Girls Keeps Everyone Attentive

Possibly the complete line-up that had Bridget and Regina modeling for Potency’s Sake, we have more reasons to stay extra Attentive.   Thanks “Ping Guerrero“! One more shot, JUMP!


The Attack of the Topless Indian Babes

As sure as Marian Rivera was declared Chief Indian at the recent 100-Sexiest Victory Party, she had Indians along with her. Unlike the Chief however, they came out with less feathers and even less clothes.   An “Attack” that was most welcome for Cowboys and Fappers alike. Catch the Action. Go for MORE! Thanks “Ping […]


How To Snag A Sexy Female Gamer

Let’s face it.  As guys we sometimes suck at picking up hot babes in parties or other social places. However, if you are a hardcore ass kicking gamer then there is hope for you.   Did you know that 40% of the total gaming population is occupied by girl gamers? Let me correct myself…HOT and […]


Ayaka Sayama In “The Body And Mind Are Nakedness”

I don’t know what the hell that means, things get lost in translation a lot. Good thing “Nakedness” is so Universal it never gets lost in anything. Here’s Ayaka Sayama “Nakedness”!   Thanks and welcome back, “Yuri“! More “Nakedness” we mean in Body, Go for MORE! More Ayaka Sayama