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Nima Park Shows A Tit! Humps The Door!

We’ve had so many Park Nima Videos we’re not so sure if we’ve seen this before. But FADdict “Sherwin”! was so excited sharing this video because he feels sad we don’t share enough Nima Park Titties on this site. We should change that. Yes. “More Tits” is a must. Unfortunately Nima only showed one. But […]

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Jelai Andres She-Devil Lingerie Selfie Barrage of the Day

Topnotch Model Jelai Andres brings out the She-Devilish quality of sexiness with Lingerie and a smoking hot body to go with the Temptation.   And for a corny line from our contributor “I know you’d wanna see Jelai Undress than Andres”. Don’t look at me. I found that funny I’m still laughing. Hat tip to […]

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FADdict In Search of this Classic “Ohm-nom-nom” Film Moment

I presume the dialogue for this particular Movie Scene is something like Girl: “Ahhh” Guy: “Ohm-nom-nom” Girl: “Oohhh” Guy: “Ohm-nom…no” Boobs: “Honk!” Or something like that.   That’s a scene from an old Rufa Mae starer and we learned that just by looking at the Contributed Photo. One that came as screencap with the request […]


Vanessa Hudgens Cleavage View For “The View”!

Vanessa Hudgens guest starred for “The View” the other day and the following is the Best Backstage View we have.   What her puppies lack in size and bounce she makes up for with sheer slutiness. ….. That so far sums up today’s worthless opinion. Thanks “Bob“! More Vanessa Cleaves. GO!