Wow! Sunshine Cruz Is Bikini Season Ready Too

Talk about being timeless. Or talk about superior Genes. However way you’d like to take it, Sunshine Cruz Wows us with a Swimsuit Pose.   The good news is, Summer stretches far into May. Let’s hope Sunshine comes out with a skimpier, very wet one, next time. By all means Keep Staring. And when you’re […]

gwen bikk pals

Gwen Zamora Leads This Line-up of Bikini Babes

There will be no shortage of Bikini Babes this season. Gwen Zamora made doubly sure of that as she ushers in a group of fellow hot, Bikini Babes.   Let’s see if someone like Ellen Adarna answer that, by borrowing 2 or 3 of the Babes. Maybe all! Thanks “Ace“! Anyway, find Gwen going Solo, […]


Love The Chick, Hate The Suspenders

Suspenders over the cutest laced Panties? Sure! It’s very 80s but it does the trick in hiding the Nipples. Which is the only thing I hate about the following photo.   The photo also came with the following question: “Who’s the Chick?” Thanks “Anonymous“! Name the Chick, Hit the comments! Throw in a few more […]

Ina raymundo2

Ina Raymundo’s Pits Are Open For Discussion

An age-defying Ina, her Pits, and the hot swimsuit Bod, are trending. But between the 3 mentioned, Pits win and are gaining all the necessary showbiz reactions. Which is a combination of Good, Bad, and also Ugly.   At 40 Ina Raymundo still seems to be packing some of the Sabado Nights hotness. I’m not […]

Bubble Shakers Dance

Max Collins “Thick, Juicy Legs” And The Bubble Shakers [Video]

FAD “Neeenjaaaaa”! tipped us in on the following Bubble Gang “Bubble Shakers” Dance Video where Max Collins join Andrea Torres, Arny and Sam for a body shaking number.   From the previously posted ‘Sexy Legs Comparison’ Post. Join the discussion there. Someone is asking about an Andrea Torres Tit-Spill that allegedly happened last Sunday. Hat […]