Jennylyn’s “Loaded Stuff” Is Pointy!

  Contributor “Hand Sam” (really?) called those pointy stuff “Erected Nipples”! We usually just call them Pokies. All the same, it hits the mark. I mean Erected and all. Give you all Erected Dicks we presume. More popularly known as Hard-ons. Thanks “Hand Sam“!  


Babes, Anal Sex, And 17 Things They Think Of During [FAD Report]

If you’ve seen at least a Season of Spartacus you’ll know that Anal Sex has been there since the Romans have discovered that Sex can have dirty variations. Maybe Anal Sex was discovered way earlier than that. Perhaps Anal Sex has been a real alternative to straight up Vaginal Intercourse from the first caveman. Not […]


Mika Was Topless When The Anthem Played

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. When the Anthem plays you get up and put your right hand where your heart is. Even if you’re down to being topless. We don’t have any other information about the topless Hottie. But we’re fine with the coconut grabbing. See another one. JUMP! Credit as marked Hat tip […]


Lhea B Got Legs. Lean, Long, Sexy Legs!

She just-as-good as gives you a Panty Peek too. Or the closest thing to a panty peek. Lhea Bernardino is a favorite to make the next batch of Premiere Vixen. I hope she does. If only so we get to see her in more naked spreads. Take a look at the tentative, unofficial list of […]


Chloe Dauden Does A Bare-Breasted Variety of Dyesebel

The only problem I have with Mermaids is where the heck does the “Dick” slip in? I mean, does anyone know how Fish fuck?   Anyway, that’s apparently a Sampler off the inside spread of the New Men’s Magazine “BARE”. Which according to our contributor, is now available at choice Bookstores and Magazine stands Metro […]