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Nika Madrid going to Davao!

  Mark your calendar as Bumper to Bumper back2back with Metro Rides at Davao this August 15-17, 2014 with Nika Madrid!


This Liquor Model’s Hottest Show

  As the back-story goes, the Model was “in the zone” during this show when the photographers repeatedly told her to say “Cheese“! The crowd was too noisy, the music was too loud, her hands were covering her ears, good thing other-parts-of-her said “Cheese“! True story! Thanks “Ping Guerrero“! Credit to the respective photographers and […]

Nicole Alodia

Alodia Is So Horny

At the recent ToyCon 2014, Alodia was, I think, suppose to be Maleficent.   On the other hand, Nicole Alexandria lets her get-up do the talking. You should check out this Nicole Set from ToyCon 2014. Thanks for the contribution “Ace“!  

Playboy Mara 2

Mara and Maria Isabel Lopez Compare Hotness

Time for some bonding moments with your Dads again guys, as Mara Lopez is joined by Mom and former Beauty Queen and 80′s Sex Goddess Maria Isabel Lopez in support of Mara’s Playboy Cover at the Playboy Anniversary show.   Mara is also joined by a number of standard Playboy Bunnies for show and tell: […]