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Maricris Is Amazing

Maybe a bit on the “Transgender” look of things. At least that’s what our “Anonymous” contributor said. And yet he also said “She’s an Exotic turn on“. That’s right “Sailor”!   All the same, she’s a model and I’m hoping with real Babe parts. GO! Thanks “Anonymous“!  


Lingerie Free VS Angels

It’s the Victoria’s Secret Catalog. Minus the expensive Lingerie. Full of VS Angels in the Nude. Sounds like something we’d buy more of. It’s from “Angels” a photobook by VS Photographer Russel James. A 34-Pcs set follows at the JUMP! Hat tip to “Yes-Man”!  


Mimi Casil Car Show Babe Excellence

No NippleS Teasing going on here. This is Oct 2014 Hottie Mimi Casil in her more commercially rocking form. Car Showing in all her Car Show Babe Excellence. Hat tip to “Bob”! More at the JUMP!


Ellen Adarna Is My Kind of Ball Busting, Face-Licking Dominatrix

Here’s a steamy hot Music Video with some elements of a Softcore flick made even Hotter because it involves Ellen Adarna.   There’s the ball busting scene above and below you’ll see Ellen on an Ass-show.   What about the Face Licking Scene? Catch that on VIDEO. Thanks “Ping Guerrero“! The Video, GO FOR MORE!


The All-Star Muse Parade of the PBA Season Opener

Ellen Adarna, Alice Dixson, Rachel Anne Daquis, Ritz Asul, Megan Young, the list goes on to cover even Jinky Pacquiao? Yup. The Star Muses made the PBA Opening Ceremonies a spectator sports even without the Sports yet. Hat tip to “Bob“! More at the JUMP! You’ll find more of the PBA Muses and the Parade […]