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Young maid goes freaky on cam private

After seeing this video go viral, im not sure what to think of it. Part of me think its sexy, another part of me thinks something is off. Am I the only guy here confused about this video? Let me know what you think


Japan’s Cosplay Exhibit Is Perv Paradise

They do it better in Japan. Bigger, Better, Perv-ier. Not only because they’re technically the founder of Cosplays. They’re also technically the pervs who started the Naughty to Slutty School Chicks costumes. Here’s a look at how they do it in Japan:   Here’s what FAD-Ninja “Asian Porn Surfer” has to say about the Cosplay […]


Regina Castillo Shows You Her Heart Art

  That’s Art. And a bit of poetry in the photo too. While women think men are after their hearts, most are more after one of the exposed things in the picture. Take your pick. Thanks “Ping Guerrero“! You’ll find a good deal of Regina Castillo photos on FAD’s Regina-related-Library. For some Artistic capture of […]


Joycee Castro Had Some Fun With A Penis Shaped Pillow

I’m guessing the Pillow wasn’t originally shaped like that. Upon contact with what looks like Pants-less Joycee Castro, that’s what happened. I’m also guessing the Pillow is European or Japanese or anyone who doesn’t get cut. …. Now don’t look at the photographer. I’m sure he’s cut appropriately. Anyway, Thanks “Ping Guerrero“! More Joycee Castro […]