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No Need To Get The Entire Babe. Just the Sexiest Parts Will Do

  LoveCorner.ph’s Love Dolls are on Sale! And they’re selling the nicest, babest parts for a limited time.     Get 30% Off on LoveCorner Love Dolls until August 1st. That’s a slash-back Special you shouldn’t miss. Ordering is Easy. Delivery is discreet. And they offer a money-back guarantee too. Something your in-laws didn’t offer. […]

sunshine garcia bride

Sunshine Garcia Is The A Honeymoon Ready Bride

I think she traded the bouquet for a ball-gag. Although we can’t find that either. Anyway, Sunshine Garcia makes marriage look like a fuckfest. Find more Sunshine Garcia from the FAD Archives!

candy 6

The Attack of the Topless Pompom Girls

After the Topless Indians came running down the catwalk bosoms almost-bare, your regular Car Show Models took the stage as Topless Pompom Girls.   A Sweet sight you shouldn’t miss. Catch the Set, JUMP! Thanks “Big Member“!   Credit due to the Photographer as the photos are marked

Rogin E Girls

The Rogin-E Girls Keeps Everyone Attentive

Possibly the complete line-up that had Bridget and Regina modeling for Potency’s Sake, we have more reasons to stay extra Attentive.   Thanks “Ping Guerrero“! One more shot, JUMP!