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Thong Condom for Men

Condoms are a must to protect against STDs and prevent pregnancy. The thing is they leave the your hairy balls exposed. Not to fear for Chinese student Kong Yongxiang has created the Eros Protector, a thong-like condom that covers all of a man’s apparently unsightly hung equipment. The thong has a pouch that contains condoms […]


Sonya Hits The Beach

College Undergrad Sonya really loves to relax under the sun and what better way is to do it topless! Its really hard for anyone to miss her fantastic presence on the beach but it will definitely make the beach hotter than usual!


Mara Lopez And The Totally Uncensored Playboy May-June 2014 Scans

Scans, Samplers, however way you’d like to call them, these are good sized photos of Mara Lopez’ Playboy Stint. A perfect companion to these Mara Lopez Playboy Anniversary Snaps.   Now we don’t exactly have them right here on this very blog. But good enough, we have one FAD Ninja who knows where you can […]


Beauty Gonzalez Is Cover Babe For FHM August 2014

Showing us that there’s Hope after too-many Burgers, a shapely Beauty Gonzalez who already surprised a lot of people at the Sexiest-100 Show. Is set to surprise even more people as she lands Cover Babe for FHM’s August 2014 Publication.   Yes. That sexy, slender chick, used to be on the heavy-side. Good thing those […]

anash asia h1

Anash Asia Gomez Is So Hygienic, She Makes Me Hungry

I mean thirsty. Or maybe both.   Whatever. There’s Anash Asian Gomez in some BTS Shoot for what I believe isn’t PH Care. But it all boils down to just about the same, cleanliness thing. Thanks “Yes-Man“! More Super Sexy Anash Asia, NEXT! Credit due to the respective photographers and studios as the photos are […]