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Danielle Castano Is A Romantic At Heart

This is just disturbing is so many ways.   Still, Danielle is so romantic that Heart of her’s should make that statue wish he still hand arms for something very useful. Good thing you readers have healthy arms. Because up NEXT, more Danielle “Hearty” Sexiness to keep your arms useful. NEXT! Thanks “Ace“!  

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Get Ready For “FAD Ninja- The Forum”!

It’s going to be great. It’s going to be awesome. There’s got to be some form of Nudity in there. I haven’t really gotten around to the mechanics of things for the Forum but the guys are silently working (like fapping ninjas) on a Forum. A Place, or better yet, a Community where you guys, […]

Roxanne cartwheel

Roxanne Barcelo Moments Before The Bikini Cartwheel

And there’s Roxee B, squaring for a Bikini Cartwheel. That didn’t happen. Bummer! Maybe it did. It’s just that it was so fast no one manage to capture the fine bikini acrobatics. Oh well. A Roxee B in Bikini is still enough. To make up for it, Roxee B’s Asia Brewery 2015 Calendar.   All […]


Hello Again Page 3 Girls [FAD Reports]

Contrary to earlier reports, the daily Topless Page 3 Girls are here to stay. Let’s celebrate the quick comeback and get on with something from earlier this Month:   Hat tip to one “Anonymous Commenter” for the feed. Thanks brother! For more of the miscue, resurrection, and other fun things. Life is still Good. JUMP […]


Mary Jean Lastimosa Bikini Awesomeness “Of The Day”!

Mary Jean Lastimosa may have fallen short, way short, of grabbing the crown, but we’re pretty proud of her anyway.   Just take a look at those curves. Yeah, I’m really proud. How about some more Bikini Photos to make us prouder? More Bikini shots and a Video too. At the JUMP! Hat tip to […]