Rola Takizawa: Russian-Japanese Mix Goes A Long Way

Having a mixed ancestry is the perfect way to get people to exercise there imagination. Rola Takizawa is a Russian-Japanese idol with a combination of smooth skin plus the curves and assets of our Western friends. She is not your average pretty-face, there’s more about Rola Takizawa.

She is not your average mixed race teen crush. She’s also a JAV Idol that does not mind making your dreams come to life. Hit the break for her amazing video.



Mixed-Japanese-Fuckdoll-Rola-Takizawa-4 Rola_Takizawa_gallery_001




Escort Do’s and Dont’s

Do take a shower.  Someone once asked what is the appropriate attire when meeting a PSP.  I replied that it really doesn’t matter if you went through a mud bath as long as you take a good clean shower before the deed.

Don’t run out on the PSP.  I have read many tales of woe where the client just abandons the PSP after the deed was done. In some cases, the PSP is left holding some bill—the room that they acquired, the food and drinks they consumed.  I wish there would be a special place in hell (not that I believe in that crap) reserved for these types of a-holes.

Don’t change the deal.  If you finally meet and the deal was agreed for P2,500 for one pop, don’t offer instead P1,000 or change it to two pops.

Do respect her limitations.  There are some things that a PSP won’t do. She may not want facials. She may not want to perform oral sex. If she doesn’t want to perform some fantasy act of yours, don’t force it.  While you did pay for her presence, it doesn’t mean that you own her.

Do bring a condom.  Always be ready and don’t assume that the PSP brought her own precautions.

A Hot Chick’s Version of The Underboobs

With all those underboobs photos made, one can’t help but wonder; why didn’t FHM came up with this angle? It would’ve looked great on Jinri Park’s pose.

Hot Pinay Underboobs View

So there, we just gave them an idea. Maybe we’ll see it on FHM’s Halloween Special next month. As for the hot chick with the nice view, she appears on a short video that is very much deserving of your attention. Go to THIS VIDEO ENTRY and press “Play”.