The Mocha Girls Get Topless [UNO Magazine December]

From the BTS Photos and Video posted here recently, we have the Cover that repeatedly threatens “Loose Titties for All“!



Dubbed “The Mocha Girls Special” UNO Magazine gives Mocha Uson, Mae Dela Cerna, Franz Faisan, Georgina Knight, Seika Samonte and Jhane Santiaguel a special spread that spans over 100 full pages. That’s just how confident they are in the drawing power of the new, improved, Mocha Girls. …. And of Team-Powered Tits with strong rumors of some Nipples slipping out.

The December Issue of UNO Magazine is out, now, available at your choice magazine stands! Grab a Copy now!

Thanks “Ping Guerrero“!

While we wait for a Special Try-and-Buy Copy to be sent our way, check out the alternate cover! JUMP!!

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Female Music Teacher Busted For Uncensored Porn

Hitomi Sugawara a Music Teacher in Japan was busted for allegedly doing Uncensored Porn. Not that porn is outlawed in Japan. The Japanese are so awesome they allow the form of Art (like music) but are strict about Pixelating the Privates which according to reports is where it all went wrong.



I’d say put the video editor behind bars and release Hitomi, only because we need more Music and Porn in our lives.

Read about the News Reports on this and this bits of News.

For the one-shot with Hitomi’s titties, Hit the JUMP!

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24-Hour Escorts?

A reader sent me a question through email:

Are there any escorts / psp’s that offer their services in the middle of the night?

My dilemma:

1. I prefer high class escorts (not necessarily $$$, but gorgeous & witty/smart)

2. I get itches very often late at night / early morning before office.

Now, those two don’t go together well – actually they don’t go at all!

I’m well aware of 24H massage parlors (e.g Happy Sauna) but I opt not to risk my health. At the same time the only escorts that agreed to meet at 3am were either drug addicts or behaved like a wet pillow during the deed – not my thing!

Considering the recent growth of the BPO industry in the Philippines, I’m wondering if there are not some gorgeous looking escorts available to cater to that group?

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Office Chair Problems

I broke my office chair the other day and I needed to replace it so I went to an office furniture store last night and saw a really nice chair that I wanted to put in my office! I took some pictures of the chair below!!





I asked the sales lady if the girl CAME with the chair cause I would definitely buy it!

Thanks Eveline for this contribution!!

Irresistibly Big, Bigger And Even Bigger!

We’re talking about Love Corner’s BIG, BIG SALE happening this Christmas Season only at the Philippines BEST Online Sex Toys Shop, official website.



Why is it Big, Big

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and even Bigger? Because Love Corner is slashing down prices further and even further every time you buy.

Check out the Mechanics on thier Official Announcement

That’s Discounts up to 20% for all Fun, Sexy, Items. All yours this Holiday Season.

Give Love Corner a call today!

Alice Dixson Is A Red Hot MILF [FHM Dec 2013 Try-and-Buy]

No. FAD didn’t get to the virtual copy of this month’s FHM First. Some file sharing site (I suppose F_Ups1999 is connected with) got the file first and we’re just echoing the links because that’s what FAD does. Get contributions fast, and deliver faster. Sometimes hours ahead of the Worldmag posting as well. Well, maybe that makes FAD first all the same.

But before anything else let us remind you once again that the rule on Try and Buy virtual copies is that you check out the sampler and if that works for you, you head down to the nearest magazine stand and grab and actual, hard copy of the magazine. If you’re not happy with what the issue is packing, then discard the try-and-buy copy. That’s it! That buyer protection for you and maximum marketing whatever for them.

We’re pretty confident though that you won’t be disappointed with this year-end Banger of a publication and the reasons for that comes in the Alice Dixson spread we’re throwing your way., after the JUMP! below:

Thanks “” and “Worldmagz“!

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Jahziel And Abby Play With The Christmas Decor

Jahziel Manabat and Abby Poblador officially fire off a Kinky Online Babe series as they Double Team us for this holiday special.


Incidentally Jahz and Abby are also the babes of a regular FHM segment dubbed “Masturbators” … or something like that.

Nope. They didn’t stick the candy cane up their babe-ness but they do other naked stuff.

The week’s Money-Shot, in Double-Sized Enhanced Cut, check it out! JUMP!!

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