Get A Load Of Bikini Babes At The Bubble Gang Summer Special

Consider this Bikini Heaven with less photos, and with the Bubble Gang Babes at the front line


Makes no difference. In fact, this one’s as Yummy!


The Bubble Gang Summer TV Special 2014 airs on April 25 (Part 1) and May 2 (Part 2). While you anticipate the laughs, go check out the Curves ahead of schedule! The Summer Special Sexiness STARTS HERE! JUMP!!



MIAS 2014 – A Showcase of Babes!

It’s the usual awesomeness of typical dudes’ favorite things, Babes and Cars. Strictly in that order.



The Manila International Car Show happened last weekend and we have some of the choicest snaps of the prettiest sights. We mean Babes, more babes, and even more Babes!

Thanks “Big Member” and “Zebastian“!

The Car Show Babes, Go for MORE!

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Ellen Adarna Is Very Naked For Esquire! Really!

Here is the latest sneak preview we got.



I believe the actual show goes lower, and lower, and maybe lower just for kicks.

The official April 2014 coverS (there are 2) sexy, strategically naked ones, plus a blurred out Nude Sampler, can All be seen HERE!

We’ve seen the inside pages and I tell you except for the fact that Esquire can’t really publish Ellen’s Nakedness unless they apply for a porn license, Ellen is naked enough in there. Even Naked-er than her 2013 Gravure Photobook covered at FAD’s Social Media Version.

The best news is, Esquire April 2014 is now available at your magazine stands and bookstores nationwide. Get a copy and set your sights LOWER!
For more of the samplers and some more discussions, Head down to where the Samplers Always ARE! JUMP HERE!!


Thanks “Anonymous” Tipster!

Model Regina And Ass Are Their Own Brand

Model Regina who we covered several times over, on pages of FAD and the Official FB Page, is a brand in her own right (which explains the crown and all those “Regina” stuff). But it gets better because her Ass is yet another brand worth the extra ahmm “Product Endorsements”.


Her other “Lady Parts” are just as sexy!

We’ll “market” them too because up next are Regina Sexiness, ONLY HERE!

Thanks “Bob“!


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Haiza Madrid Promotes Dotted Rubber

Aims to “Hit the Spot” that’s one way to avoid hitting the curb with an untimely contribution to over population. That’s while getting the extra “Ohhhs” apparently because those Dots help.



Now what we need are actual, on booth demonstrations. But that’s just me and my marketing ideas.

Haiza teams up with Ultimate Vixen Red (not-Lion), after the CUT ahead!

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Regina For Bikini Basketball

If they have Lingerie Tennis and a Lingerie Football League, perhaps there’s room for “Bikini Basketball”. They don’t really have to be competitive like the WNBA. All we need is to see sexy women, running around, chasing and shooting a ball, in Bikini.



There’s Model Regina (we last saw comparing Bikini Body with Bridget here), giving the Idea a sexy boost.

Thanks “Ping Guerrero“!

More Balls and I mean MORE, plus Babe in a Bikini with Regina, Go for MORE!

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These Chicks Would Be Happier If They Had A 3rd Party With A Dick


That 3rd Party could be you, dick-owner.

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But even if you’re not around, these chicks would have been happy with a choice sex toy by the leader Online Sex Toys Shop carries a wide range of vibrators and dildos, of high quality and extended durability.

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Lhea Looks Fun In Undies


I’m sure she looks More Fun without them. But we’ll take what we can get and if you guys want to let your eyes shop around for Lhea Bernardino in “Intimates”, which are undies and not a ‘dress’. Look no further than the JUMP ahead! Because Lhea is Looking Like Fun in sexy Undies for a shoot dubbed “Intimacy“!

We’ve got it, JUMP!

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Ashley Rivera Is Moundy Sexy!


Check easily is soles – works… Months them protective product flaky If there zigzag.

also makes FHM April Cover Babe, And if you’re having doubts whether she’s sexy enough for FHM, have you seen the

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old ladies they’ve been throwing our way regularly? I rest my case.


I don’t really know if that’s Ashley Rivera but the sender claims it is her. And the Mound, that calls for immediate posting because right or wrong, Mound is good for everyone.

Anyway, you’ll find more Ashley, candid-sexy, after the JUMP!

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