Sweets for Everyone!

One of our fans just wanted to share some cake with all of us.  Hit the link for more of that delicious ass for everyone’s eyes.

Please leave a comment below if you want more pictures of this model.

Thanks Mistah Papabol for the contribution!


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Girlie Group Takes Their Panties Off

These ladies call themselves The Go Girls (or did we hear the announcer right?) and what they lack in proper dancing skills, they make up for by taking their panties off in front of many people.

A sexy diversion to take the crowd’s attention away from the horrible performance. Seems to be very effective. Just ask Anne Curtis.  Download this Dutdutan 13 HD video via Turbobit.

What meal would you serve Megan Young?



I came upon this picture from Rogue showing Megan Young in a perfect position for a hotdog eating content. We don’t mean to show any disrespect to the new Miss World. We just can’t help but imagine sticking something inside with her mouth open and topless pose. Forgive me, but if I see someone as

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hot as her in that position…I won’t think twice:)

Hit the jump to see some of her hottest pics. Megan young is perfect: tall, sexy, firm boobs, deep cleavage, just the right mound with a nice V shape down south.


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The Chito Miranda-Neri Naig Sex Scandal Video Part 2

This just in: the second part of that wonderful sex video scandal involving Parokya Ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda and actress/model/singer-banger Neri Naig is currently setting the interwebs on fire.

We’re not including any Chito Miranda-Neri Naig sex candal video part 2 download links here, for obvious reasons, but WE HAVE SEEN THE REAL SHIT AND IT EXISTS. So flex up your googling skillz and you’ll find the right download link within the first three Google search results.