“My Girlfriend’s Pussy”

One anonymous FADdict emailed these naughty pussy shots of his girlfriend–she apparently agreed to let you all fap to her as long as her face is meticulously censored. I guess we can live with that little request.


Enjoy, folks!





“Love Juice” is just another name for “Awesome Lube”

If you find it “embarrassing” to buy a bottle of lubricant at the corner pharmacy, then go order a bottle of Love Juice from Torro–the country’s leading online seller of fun, naughty toys. It’s super easy: just go chat with one of their online customer reps!


As always: free delivery, free gift wrap, 100% discreet (your neighbor won’t know what you just got in the mail!).



Call them up today!

Whatever Happened to these Naked “Oblation Run” Girls?

One anonymous FADdict emails:

I know this was around 2005-2006 but when I watched this TEDxDiliman video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4CIR_nzMZA at time 4:09 of the video, I suddenly remember my old urges to find out more about those two naked female that joined the UP Oblation run. Then, I searched on Google but I was only able to find the old photos that spread in the time of this run (see attached).
But I also found some messages from some Yahoo groups such as this: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DVFGbatch97/message/283. These messages gives a hint that there’s more photos. And so I remember FAD, and had an idea to consult FAD for help to gather more information, photos and videos about those 2 females who oblation run.


Yes, there might be more photos–and videos!–of these naked chicks, so if you know, just email or hit the comments!


After the cut, the rest of these pics–and some context.


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Wellah In Various States Of Sexiness

An Eagle Eyed “Anonymous” dude with a knack for shapely rack saw this Hot Model and Rack Entry which in turn paved the way for this Sexy Semi-Nekkid Model Feature:



You read it right. It’s from everyone’s favorite ‘Doc’. When it’s from ‘Doc’ you know it’s got to be ….. you fill in the blanks.


Do that HERE, where the rest of the Photos are at!!!
Thanks “Anonymous”!

Video: Mara Lopez Lovingly Sucks A Big, Fat, Thumb

They should have dipped the dude’s thumb in mayonnaise. That would have given it an appetizing twist. It may have even made Mara swallow.



Still, it’s one of the erotic 1.5-second clip from the popularly requested Indie Flick “Palitan”. A movie that stars Mara Lopez, that thumb, and I’m guessing 3 to 4 guys too. That’s how budgeted sensual films are made.


For what is dubbed as “The Full, Unrated Teaser Trailer”, catch it playing online RIGHT HERE!