Filipina Model “Summer” Is The Kind Of HOT I Want All-Year-Round

This smells mighty like one of Ossie’s Models. Although this one’s one of the classier models from the stable. And I mean Model Group and not the kinda “stable” where animals are tied up waiting for farmers to have their way with them. Yup. Animal cruelty at its worse. But we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about the finest model with the patented Undersized Bikinis, like this really hot one named “Summer”.


Thanks “Anonymous“!

More Summer, Hot and Showing some skin. JUMP!

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Marian And Her Sexiest Bod Are Bench Body Royal Endorsers

Arguably the best Bench Body Endorser so far, this just shows you that Marian Rivera is making waves. The kind of waves we welcome with open fapping arms because she’s doing it scantily clothed and all. It’s an excuse for us to keep staring while keeping the concept of “Classiness” in place.



Incidentally Marian is holding on to the top spot of the FHM Sexiest Poll 2014. With 5 more days left to vote, lets see if she ends up with Back-To-Back Sexiest Titles.

Marian Rivera Royalty, in the Sexiest Bench Body Lingerie Set

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Paulene So Gives You A Peek At Her Kicks

Great! A Title that sounds dirty and a photo that supports the dirty double meaning.



There’s Paulene So promoting Kicks and knowing just how to turn the sales pitch into Sexy Material.

Thanks “Makaryo“!

Two more shots with Paulene Peddling Kicks, NEXT!

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