“Reina” S-Cute Sets And Fuck-Video [Torrent File and Hotfile Links Available]

I am sure “Reina” has another JAV Idol name which we came to realize on our many S-Cute entries.



All the same, this cutie is featured as just as good, was bonked because that is a usual S-Cute routine. Again something we came to realize on our many S-Cute entries. I guess FAD is informative too.


Be Informed. This time with “Reina“. Her Bonk Video, find it HERE!

Bridget Suarez Comes And Goes This Sexily Only At The Sexiest Party

Well maybe “Not Only At the Sexiest Party“. We’ve been seeing a lot of these comings and goings in a more dance-routine way and  in video too (HERE and HERE).



Today however we focus on Bridget’s Wow-Portion as she parades her Hot-Mama-Bod at the latest Sexiest Party.


See Bridget and all the Babes on our Latest Album off the Sexiest Victory Party (I think this is set 4), Your SEXIEST 2013 (most of them anyway) ARE HERE!
Thanks “Anonymous“!

“Palitan” Clips, Anyone?

A few “Anonymous” emailers and commenters have been wondering if any of you Indie Film aficionados have in your possession, the critically acclaimed flick “Palitan” starring Mara Lopez.



With what very little we can get from the title, this flicks seems to be about Brotherly Sharing in a bit of a perv sense. But perverted or just plain ‘ol sharing the Teaser Trailer looks pretty hot it’s probably worth the download. If only we have links to the piece.


Here’s where you come in FAD Ninjas, Scouts, and regular contributors. Your community needs you, now. … Or whenever you can.


Meantime “A Taste Of Palitan” the Trailer, you’ll find HERE!!!

More Blinding Sexiest Scenes And Some Kind Of A Video Too

As always, when the Sexiest come together the perviest would have a lot to share. And so the brotherly way of sharing continues.



There’s a video too … from the parking lot but hey. Sharing is caring no matter how silly it is, from the parking lot can be a good angle too. Check it out.


You’ll find more of the Moundy, Shiny, Sexy snaps and More, Y’all JUMP HERE!!!