Pene-Kula and Bold Clips From The 80′s

These are collections of Pene Clips, Cut Scenes, and Bonus Videos usually played at the end of full featured Tagalog Movies during the early to mid 80′s. Sent in by “Dante” and “Anonymous” in an answer to a Brother’s call off one of the posts (or Brodah?).

The collection comes in 2 sets. The first from “Dante” is a rip off the “Sex In Tagalog Movies 3 (80′s Pene Clips)” compilation. It’s a Compilation of Pene Clips that qualifies as Xrated flicks of that era. Actual Penetration happens in clear view off these clips. Amanda Amores, Didith Romero, Joy Sumilang, Pia Moran, Maureen Mauricio among other names lead the cast..

The 2nd set from “Anonymous” are individual clips, zipped together, taken from Sex Scenes of Bold Movies which were grouped also with some Pene Clips from the mid 80′s. The 80′s Beauties such as Anna Marie Gutierrez, Sarsi Emmanuel, Coca Nicholas, and Myra Manibog, make the cut in the industry’s answer to International SExploitation Flicks.

The guys of course are the usual Macho-Men, George Estregan, Anton Bernardo, Greggy Liwag, Mark Joseph, *you can write Mike and ask him to add your boss/teacher’s names in here*. :)

Get ready as PENE happens, NEXT:

*Note: These are VHS/Betamax Originals ripped and converted to modern digital media. You’ll find some portions of the clips to be distorted.

Sex In Tagalog Movies 3 -80′s Pene Clips:

Download below:

Part 1

Part 2

80′s Bold/Bomba Movies Collection:


80′s Bold/Bomba zip 1

80′s Bold/Bomba zip 2


Fulfilling All Your Myra Manibog Downloadable “Pene” Clips Needs

Complete with 1980s killer mullet hairstyle and cheesy music, here are three “substantial” and tearfully nostalgic “pene” video clips featuring Myra Manibog and, in at least one scene, George Estregan’s pummeling blackened butt cheeks! Just the way you like ‘em!

Let the commentary focusing on another man’s penis begin in the comments!

Thanks, “Marky!”


Download link.