Mara and Maria Isabel Lopez Compare Hotness

Time for some bonding moments with your Dads again guys, as Mara Lopez is joined by Mom and former Beauty Queen and 80′s Sex Goddess Maria Isabel Lopez in support of Mara’s Playboy Cover at the Playboy Anniversary show.


Mara is also joined by a number of standard Playboy Bunnies for show and tell:


Thanks “Bob“!

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‘Palitan’: Downloadable Torrent, Anyone?

Director Ato Bautista‘s ‘Palitan‘, whose marketers and PR folks ostentatiously claim to be a “tribute to ‘Scorpio Nights’, may be nothing but a “bad” tribute (in the artistic or cinematic sense), but the sex scenes are surely hot. Starring Mara Lopez, daughter of Maria Isabel Lopez (who fucked dudes in this film, for example), the movie is being savaged by critics as nothing but a vehicle that “Takes advantage of Mara Lopez’s body through a series of prolonged sex scenes“–which is exactly why we love it! So if anyone has a copy to share, hit the comments here! Or email!


Mara Lopez Palitan


Video Downloads: ‘Silip: Daughters of Eve’ Reloaded

We’ve posted this film here a coupla years ago, but just in case you were actually born yesterday and would like some good ol’ 1980s “pene” movie to choke the monkey with, here’s Silip: Daughters of Eve from 1985. Enjoy, folks!

Thanks, “Marky!”


Download links:

Download the screencaps here.

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