PantaXa Episodes Downloadables

I don’t know if downloadable MP4s are better since we already have the Complete Season 1 Videos Playable Online posted on an earlier entry. But choices are always convenient and contributions are always welcome.


If you find the need to OWN copies of the sexy Viva Channel search for the “PantaXa ng Bayan” (read about the series here) then hit the JUMP! and get ready to download the clips that has Sarah Gaugler, Jef Gainta and Yam Concepcion leading in bikini most of the time.

Thanks “Arvin“!

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Who’d Your Rather? The Search for “PantaXa ng Bayan” Videos

That’s the whole point of Reality Shows and we have one starring local hotties Yam Concepcion, Jef Gaitan, Sarah Gaugler just to name the ones I recognize!



I like reality shows. Especially when it involves hot chicks doing hot chick stuff. This one is exactly what it is. Hosted by Old-Timers Maui Taylor and Katya Santos, it took them 30 years (or maybe less) to find the time to look for Hot Body Replacements. And “PantaXa ng Bayan” aims to do just that.

Served via YouTube the episodes are sexy but tamed by nature. But that’s where the Real Man Test comes in. You see, a Real Man can wank off to anything as long as it involves Hot Chicks preferably in varying states of Hot Chick Activities. Of course we just said that so you wouldn’t go saying “What? Yam didn’t show her pee-pee?! I demand a Refund“!


Having said that, find what “PantaXa” is all about. The EPISODES in Videos, Streaming Online, (no need to download anything), JUMP HERE!!!


Thanks “Ping Guerrero” and “Xtra“!

Katya Is Ready For Circumcision Month

As an old US Dead-President quote goes “If I have one hour to chop down a tree I’d spend 50mins sharpening my axe”.



There is no Axe. But it’s not chopping down a tree we’re talking about anyway.


Anyway, for a less gory, more erotic serving of Viva Hot Babe Katya, scoot over here and check out a Video Clip from her old flick “Boso”. Playing Online, RIGHT HERE!!!
Thanks “Khan 210“!

Maui Taylor Full To The Brim

It’s a Maui Taylor overload complete with silicon-filled bumpers featuring Maui’s more memorable/wankable clips ripped from her more memorable/wankable movies. Plus, her naturally boobacious buddy Katya Santos joins the juggs parade.

All from a dude who goes by the alias “Xtra Guy“.

Sampler photos can’t be uploaded (as of my blogging time) due to an unexplained blogger-error (maybe some dude who hates adfly tied himself to a tree ;) ). But the links to all 3 collections of Maui Taylor Clips are good to go just past the CUT ahead:

Collect Them All!

Collect Them All” via the links provided below:

Maui Taylor ‘Huling Birhen Sa Lupa’ Scenes (23mb)

Maui Taylor ‘Gamitan’ Scenes (70++mb)

Maui Taylor, Katya Santos ‘Sex Drive’ and ‘Bugbog’ Scenes (60+mb)


“seXposed” Up for Grabs!

Here’s one edition of “pinoy sexy films” that showcases the hottest scenes of our beloved actresses, FTW! They were called “starlets” at the peak of their career: Rica Peralejo and Katya Santos whose “melons” timely grew into perfection, eventually baring ‘em all for some cash in making “X” movies.

Reminisce fantasizing about Rosanna Roces and Joyce Jimenez’s erect jiggly wigglies after the jump!

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part 1
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Viva Hot Babes All Set For A Come-back?

If these photos are to be believed, it seems what you kidz used to know as the “Viva Hot babes” ten gazillion years ago were planning a reunion show. And unfortunately, contrary to what your genitalia might expect to be a naked festival, it’s probably nothing but dancing. But still, here are the behind-the-scene (rehearsal?) photos.

Thanks, “HP316!”

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