Maxene Magalona and Jessy Mendiola Compare Legs! Who’d You Rather?

One of the fun questions asked here at FAD. On this head-to-head we have Maxene and Jessy Legs vs Legs.

Would you pick lean long legs? Or would you go with smooth, full form legs?

I know a little upskirt would have made choosing easier but in the absence of panty sightings let’s go with what we have.

Hat tip to “Ping Guerrero”!


Carmi Martin and Jessy Mendiola Fullfil Your Hot Mature Woman – Sexy Spring Maiden Fantasy

It’s Bonding time with your Dads, boys. Because Carmi Martin is still packing it and she’s with the equally hot Jessy Mendiola for I-don’t-know-what-show.



If that awakened some sleeping perversion in you, check out these Younger Carmi Martin Entries on file! Let your Dads in on it too. I bet he’ll have a great time telling you late nights personal time after watching “Chicks to Chicks“!

…. And “Ace” was the one who told me about the show. Thanks “Ace“!


Owner of Skinny Arm Tries to Pinch and Twist Jessy Mendiola’s Nipples

I don’t know if he succeeded but as you can see below, Jessy seems to be fine with the idea keeping her hair and hands away from the target zone.



That is just one of the many enjoyable scenes from Jessy Mendiola’s Cosmo Cover, BTS Snaps.


Find Jesse, Cleavage-y and rightfully “More Daring” in this particular Magazine Shoot.


View the rest, JUMP HERE!!

Jessy Mendiola Redefines “Daring” For Esquire Sep 2013 [Try-and-Buy Pdf]

Jessy Mendiola is shown scratching her head too many times. Probably wondering what “Daring” requires.



Unfortunately, this is not it. Blame it on Maria Mercedes. Maybe the character got to Jessy.


All the same, we have more of the Sexy Samplers, and the link to the Try-and-Buy copy (you try it, and promise to buy a real copy after. right?)


Thanks ““!

More of Jessy for Esquire on this All Adult Action Page

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of our’s. JUMP!!!

Jessy Mendiola Covers Esquire September 2013

Dubbed as her “Most Daring Photoshoot”, I think they’re milking the “Most Daring” threats a little too much. Especially since a one-piece swimsuit is far from the definition of “daring” in the dictionary inside my head.



Still, we can’t complain. And who knows? Maybe Jessy will still surprise us.


The “Fiction Issue” of Esquire Philippines hits the shelves before the week ends.


Follow the Trail of Jessy and Magazine Cover. HERE!!
Thanks “Ace“!