A Look Back At Jessa Zaragoza’s Sexy Tanduay Calendar

Back before they cheated real, stronger alcohol content with fillers and dubbed it “Ice”, even their calendar models had stronger presence. And by “Strong” I mean “Sexy” babes in wank-worthy poses, truck drivers probably splooged a good number of the copies.



At a time where looking back seems like a profound thing to do. I say let’s look back at smut and have a good time while at it.


One more Jessa for Tanduay Calendar snap, and the link to MORE, previous calendar babes, HERE.


A Happy, Prosperous, New Year to you all.

Jessa Zaragoza Is Almost Naked

From “Ricky,” here’s the Philippines’ former “Jukebox Queen” Jessa Zaragoza in her prime, back in those distant days when she had yet to meet and taste Dingdong Avanzado’s funny-looking 4-inch dingdong.

I recently saw her on the teeveee spewing the usual married life bullshit, and I gotta say she’s still hot, Dingdong or no Dingdong.