The “100 Sexiest” Come Together To Party

As mentioned on an earlier Sexiest-entry, we give you your 2012 FHM Sexiest 100 Party Snaps.

We expect more photo contributions to come in the next few days. Maybe it will cover all the local stars that made the 100 cut. For now however, let’s focus our attention on the cream of the crop (or whatever we have :) ).

Ellen, Sam, Jackie, sisters Michelle and Ehra Madrigal come at you (and no Eula or Jean in the mix thank goodness). ALL happening past the JUMP! ahead.

Thanks “Red“, “Joe“, “Chester The Molester” and one “Anonymous” contributor. And of course, due credit to the photographer and studio they ripped the following photos from. :)


11262821_602405_4476201752707.jpg 11262825_fhm_michellemadrigal.jpg 11262826_fhm_sampinto2_jpg_02.jpg 11262834_nppa_aubreymiles2_jp.jpg 11262848_nppa_aubreymiles_jpg.jpg 11262853_nppa_charizsolomon2_.jpg 11262861_nppa_charizsolomon_j.jpg 11262873_nppa_dianazubiri2_jp.jpg 11262882_nppa_dianazubiri_jpg.jpg 11262894_nppa_ehramadrigal2_j.jpg 11262901_nppa_ehramadrigal3_j.jpg 11262907_nppa_ehramadrigal_jp.jpg 11262910_nppa_ellenadarna2_jp.jpg 11262918_nppa_ellenadarna_jpg.jpg 11262924_nppa_fhm1_jpg_021616.jpg 11262931_nppa_fhm2_jpg_021618.jpg 11262939_nppa_fhm3_jpg_021617.jpg 11262948_nppa_fhmdaianameneze.jpg 11262951_nppa_fhm_ellenadarna.jpg 11262954_nppa_fhmsampinto_jpg.jpg 11262957_nppa_jackierice2_jpg.jpg 11262959_nppa_jackierice_jpg_.jpg

11262963_nppa_ljreyes2_jpg_02.jpg 11262967_nppa_ljreyes3_jpg_02.jpg 11262971_nppa_ljreyes_jpg_021.jpg 11262981_nppa_michelle_ehrama.jpg 11262985_nppa_michellemadriga.jpg 11262991_nppa_sampinto3_jpg_0.jpg

edited to add: More of the Victory Party Photos Here

The Madrigal Sisters In A Rare “Bargain” ['FHM' November 2010 Full Download]

As you know, a coupla months ago, the “geniuses” at FHM managed to get Ehra and Michelle Madrigal for the price of one. Or so it seemed! This came in late, but FAD ninja “Sibaker” insists FADdicts everywhere can still benefit from seeing the actual PDF scan of FHM’s November 2010 issue. So, go!

Download link (full PDF scan). 

Ehra Madrigal Has A “Suck Mark” the Size Of The Universe

Also sent to me by “Buddy Love,” these photos you see here is Ehra Madrigal with some kind of purpura (bruise) that is sooo small, you can’t even goddamn see it!

Alright, poor girl. “Buddy Love” didn’t say anything about how Ehra got this nasty bruise, so Buddy, if you know, you can share it in the comments. Of course, who wouldn’t be happy to “massage” it until it’s gone, eh?

The Girls Of ‘Nuts Entertainment’

Somebody painstakingly took screencaps of Philippine comedy and game show Nuts Entertainment, hosted by veteran comedian Joey De Leon and a gaggle of girls in skimpy swimsuits.

Above, Ehra Madrigal and her fab flabs.

Above, Iwa Moto and Gwen Garci.

Above, MC Quiazon finds it hard to contain her breasts. Joey de Leon is also having a hard time pretending he’s not getting huge boners from his co-hosts. Aw, come on, Joey.

Ehra Madrigal (above and below) screen cap that is cleverly cropped to direct your attention to the most important thing (below).

Guess whose cute butt this is?