Andi Eigenmann Sexy Pool Activities

You know the scorching heat we experienced the past 2 weeks? It also got to Andi. And while my ideal solution to beat the heat would be for her to go naked and ride a bike countryside at about 70 kph (ideal for me), she chose the less exciting option and just decided to take a swim.



Works for me too. At least we get to see her nice round lady parts looking like they’ve gotten heavier with all the water they absorbed. It sure beats getting fat eating ice cream.


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Megan Young In Different Manners of Sucking

Megan Young demonstrates that she isn’t only an expert in certain jungle survival skills, she could also masterfully wrap those lips around anything that needed sucking. Her talents are all starting to look pretty impressive.

Thanks, anonymous person!

After the cut, Megan, Lauren Young (of Zombading fame) and Andi Eigenmann (of the “getting knocked up even before she got properly famous” fame) in their hot summer get-ups.

The Girls of ‘ASAP’ Do The Bouncy-bouncy

OK, roll-call time! I see Maja Salvador, Kim Chiu, Iya Villania, Valerie Bangs Garcia, Cristine Reyes, Andi Eigenmann, Bea Alonzo, and…who else? Basically every hot POA from ABS-CBN’s stable was in Iloilo recently, sincerely doing what they could to make bouncy things bounce beautifully for the jaws-dropped inhabitants of the city.

Bea Alonzo urges the crowd to do the Hitler Salute. Bouncy!

Kim Chiu demonstrates that her elbow and the corner of that pelvic bone are sharp enough to crush your balls, if shit came to that. Not very bouncy.

Valerie Bangs Garcia, Cristine Reyes, Shaina Magdayao, Jessy Mendiola. All very bouncy!

Maja Salvador, Kim Chiu just bein’ simply gorgeous. Taking a break from all that bouncing.

Thanks, “Rexxy!”

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A bunch of flowers surrounding a fairy.