The Hottie Girlfriend Experience

There’s the kind of Girlfriend that’s so ideal, you can’t help but film your Sexytime session just so you could document your good fortune.

Especially when you’re the kind of boyfriend with sideburns as elegant as these:

Thanks “GFXcool“!

The FUN Begins, NEXT:

Download below:

Hottie Girlfriend rar



  1. Anonymous says

    Whats the name of the girl? May ibang videos pb to? tagal ko na nakikita tong vid n to e, i hope there's more from this chick

  2. Anonymous says

    4th time to napost dito ah…

    sasabihin na naman para dun sa mga di pa nakakakita…

    sasabihin ko naman… 4th time na to napost dito!

  3. troll says

    This has been floating around all porn video sites a few months ago.

    @grawr: nope, they're different. but they're both A-class girlfriend experiences.

  4. Anonymous says

    hmm, back in april nasubmit ko eto sa FAD kaso mukhang hindi napost.. nevertheless mabuti naman napost din kahit iba ang nagsubmit..

  5. Anonymous says

    I've also seen this posted as “Vietnamese Supermodel”. She looks half Vietnamese, half American or French…

  6. Anonymous says

    Napost na to dati, anonymous 5:55pm newby ka sa FAD. D ko lam kung may iba pang video pro wla ko nakita.. 1 of my favorites

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