Nanette Medved’s Nipple Cameos In The Shower

Remember Nanette Medved? In this brief shower scene, Nanette’s nipple almost goes unnoticed as a respite from the “non-stop comedy” that will end, like most Andrew E “comedies,” in a dance number on the beach where everybody jumps freeze-framed as the credits roll in. We bet when this was originally shown in theaters two decades ago, almost nobody realized they were looking at a nipple slip.

Nanette Medved’s nipple takes a peek at around 4:30.

Thanks, “Keyser soze!”


  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for this, Mike. I now know that I wasn't imagining things when I saw this movie in Viva Channel years ago!

  2. Anonymous says

    meron din part na nip slip si carmi martin sa movie na to.. yung part na naka suot sya ng white nightie tapos nasa kama sya ni jimmy santos!! hahaha

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